Abundant, green, safe,
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Meet Zinc, the metal and technologies set to transform energy storage.

An electrifying past

Did you know that Allessandro Volta relied on zinc to build the world’s first battery two Centuries ago?  Or that Thomas Edison patented a NiZn battery in 1901?  And that zinc remains the primary electrode in today’s consumer AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt batteries?

A bright future

Zinc batteries offer a wider operating temperature range, longer calendar life, and a lower cost per kilowatt hour than today’s leading batteries, including lithium.  They can also support long-duration storage, are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

What Sets Zinc Apart?

Unrivaled Performance

Zinc batteries offer flexible designs with the broadest operating temperatures, highest power discharge in seconds to one hour, and long-duration storage.

Safest Battery Technology

Zinc batteries are non-flammable and recommended in applications where physical safety is essential.


Zinc batteries are non-toxic, recyclable, and made from abundant and inexpensive materials.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Technology that caters to your application.  No other chemistry has as much potential, or offers as many options for scalability.

Data Center Backup Power

Long Duration Grid Storage

Power Density for Harsh Environment Applications

proven track record

Zinc Battery Initiative Members

The leading technology companies in the zinc-battery sector.

Zinc Battery Initiative Material Suppliers


“New York Power Authority (NYPA) turns to zinc-air storage amid lithium ion safety concerns.”
“Zinc is pretty low when it comes to toxicity. So that impact on both cost and the handling and ultimate disposal of batteries makes it so that there’s a reason why folks are really interested to push zinc forward.”
Jason Burwen

Energy Storage Association

“Zinc-based energy storage options provide more fire safety and energy flexibility than the lithium-ion systems currently prevalent in the market.”
Robert Babcock

Verdant Microgrid

“If you look past lithium ion, probably zinc is the next metal that’s the most popular for energy storage, and it it does appear to be able to provide performance equal to or better than lithium if given a chance.”
Mike Gravely

California Energy Commission

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