Zinc Battery Initiative

The Zinc Battery Initiative (ZBI) is a program of the International Zinc Association.  The ZBI was formed in 2020 to promote rechargeable zinc batteries’ remarkable story and encourage further adoption of these products. Members are the leading companies in the industry – each with proprietary technologies. Yet, all share zinc as a common base, producing high-performance, safe, and environmentally sustainable batteries.

Zinc batteries are emerging as the technology of choice for many of the industries of the future. These products are already trusted to back up the most critical data centers. They have been described as “the leading technology” to power emerging military and aerospace applications. Large format zinc batteries are also uniquely suited to long-duration energy storage – for example storing power from renewables for many hours or even days in the absence of wind or sunlight.

The ZBI facilitates cooperation between producers to enable the increased development of these critical technologies.


The International Zinc Association

The International Zinc Association is a non-profit trade association representing the zinc industry globally.  IZA’s Mission is to sustainably grow markets and maintain the industry’s license to operate through effectively managed initiatives in research and development, technology transfer, and communication of the value of zinc.

Zinc Battery Initiative Members

The leading technology companies in the zinc-battery sector.

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ZBI is committed to building sustainable zinc energy storage markets. Our staff, Members, and network of zinc experts are available to help answer questions you may have about specific zinc battery designs or applications.