The Safest Battery, Period.

 For mission critical applications where safety is paramount, no other battery chemistry measures up.


Proven Safety Record


Zinc is an essential micro-nutrient required by all living things for survival.


Zinc batteries are not flammable or subject to thermal runaway.


Certified Safe

Zinc batteries are designed to achieve UL9540a proof of safety.

A Non-Toxic Alternative

Zinc is very “clean” element – an essential micronutrient used in applications such as human nutritional supplements and fertilizer’s.  Zinc batteries can be shipped, installed and maintained with no hazard worries or special requirements, unlike their leading competitors.

Won't Self Ignite.

Zinc batteries are not flammable and do not run the risk of thermal runaway or off gassing.  Nor do they require added thermal management or fire suppression systems, helping make them one of the most affordable options too.

Certified Safe.

Zinc batteries are licensed for all transportation applications in the US.  They are also designed to achieve UL9540a, UL’s new test method for evaluating thermal runaway fire propagation in Battery Energy Storage Systems.