Advanced technology repurposes existing lead acid manufacturing infrastructure to expedite the deployment of better batteries

Richmond, California – July 7, 2023 – Enzinc, a pioneering developer of advanced rechargeable zinc battery technology, was awarded the prestigious Coup de Coeur prize in the World Materials Forum (WMF) Start Up Challenge for its innovative way of using a common material to create powerful batteries. A platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their groundbreaking solutions that use materials smarter, more efficiently or longer, the ninth WMF is taking place in Nancy, France, this week. The event brings together industry leaders, experts and innovators from around the world.

The demand for high-power batteries is substantial, but the industry’s growth is hindered by materials shortages. Enzinc is revolutionizing the energy sector by redefining what’s achievable, offering breakthrough zinc battery technology to overcome obstacles and drive progress in the energy storage sector. Its cutting-edge technology surpasses traditional lead-acid batteries by delivering three times the energy output and cycle life and offers twice the energy density of any other zinc battery. Its high-performance solution excels in both mobility and stationary applications.

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