As battery developers continue to enhance their products, both through continued engineering and chemical additives, rechargeable zinc batteries are competing well in the energy storage space. Most ZBI members are zinc battery developers, but rather than creating a battery, engineers of the newest ZBI member – Octet Scientific Inc., have designed electrolyte additives that improve the performance of all zinc batteries, no matter what their chemistry.

Cleveland-based Octet Scientific began developing its first electrolyte additive in 2017. While its original novel small molecule additives (OctoLyte Z1-5) were created for rechargeable alkaline-based zinc batteries to stop dendrites and prevent hydrogen on charge without sacrificing efficiency; a new additive (OctoLyte Z6) is geared for acidic- to near-neutral zinc halide batteries and controls plating, improves cyclability and gets more energy out the battery. A third highly soluble and simple class of additive (OctoLyte Z7) is designed for all alkaline zinc batteries to hinder corrosion and hydrogen formation as well as improve overall battery performance and lifetime. With its broad and growing line of products, Octet’s chemistry is scalable and customizable to work with any zinc battery chemistry.

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