SENS SuperTorque 8Z Genset Starting System solves the #1 problem with emergency generators: starting battery failure. Unless lead-acid starting batteries on gensets are replaced every one to three years, they fail suddenly, without warning. Even if replaced this often, they sometimes explode. Offering a full 10-year warranty, the heart of SuperTorque 8Z is the high performance nickel-zinc (NiZn) battery. Like other nickel-based batteries, NiZn is very stable and long-lived. SuperTorque 8Z is also the sustainable choice. Lifetime GHG emissions from NiZn batteries in SuperTorque 8Z are 96% lower than for a comparable performance lead-acid battery. Offering superb reliability, better than a 50% TCO advantage over lead-acid batteries and a vastly smaller environmental footprint, SuperTorque 8Z is the overwhelming best choice for genset starting energy storage.

SuperTorque 8Z