August 12, 2020 –– Bozeman, MT. –– ZAF Energy Systems Inc. (ZAF), a developer of next-generation zinc battery technologies, has completed initial testing of their patented Zinc-Air pouch cell designed for high-value package and asset tracking. These pouch cells were able to continuously produce power for tracking applications for over 100 days. The Zinc-Air pouch cell engineered for asset tracking is just 1mm thick and about half the size of a credit card. This pouch cell is very flexible, safe, and inexpensive.

The internet-of-things (IOT) is a rapidly growing business sector that leverages the deployment of the 5G network to bring value-added services to the public. IOT technologies will change the way we track all package deliveries through terrestrial cellular networks. Global asset tracking is expected to be a $36.3B market by 2025 with a compound annual growth rate of 15% from 2020. This market growth includes infrastructure, connection type, mobility, solution type, location determination, and batteries. The rise in e-commerce popularity has radically changed fundamental distribution patterns that include cost reduction and customer satisfaction. The ability of ZAF’s battery solution to be integrated into a packing slip creates

a low-cost solution for e-commerce and other high-value markets. Zinc-Air has the ability to provide full tracking capabilities for several weeks up to several months at a price that meets the needs of the market.

Zinc-Air batteries have been used in a variety of applications for the past 100 years; however, these types of batteries are best known for powering hearing aid devices. Zinc-Air batteries are very intriguing due to the exceptionally high specific energy/energy density, low cost, and high safety associated with this chemistry. In addition, the Zinc-Air battery is landfill disposable and poses no environmental risk if this technology reaches widespread adoption. ZAF’s patented Zn-Air pouch cell has shown to be very effective in many applications. While this particular design was engineered for a power demand of a high pulse and then low standby current discharge profile, the pouch can be engineered for many more applications.

According to Dr. Adam Weisenstein, Chief Technology Officer at ZAF Energy Systems, “The Zinc-Air chemistry is a perfect fit for powering package tracking devices due to the inexpensive, environmentally benign, and safe nature of this chemistry. Typically Zinc-air batteries only last for days to weeks; however, with our new pouch cell design we are able to achieve over 100 days of continuous use.”

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